Continuing education scholarships available It’s not too late! There’s still time to apply! The Women’s College Scholarship Club is giving four Continuing Education Scholarships of $1,000 each to students wishing to change or enhance their careers. Applicants must be from Franklin or Essex County and returning to school after a break of at least one year. The deadline is Friday, May 14. Applicants must have a high school diploma or GED. Part-time students may apply. You can receive an application by emailing Continuing Education Committee Chair Ginny Bartlett at ginnybillbart@netscape.net . Applications are also available at the Financial Aid Office at North Country Community College, the Financial Aid Office at Paul Smith’s College and the Saranac Lake Free Library. Applicants are asked to submit the completed application, along with a letter explaining goals, and two letters of recommendation from non-family members by May 14. I encourage those returning to school, both men and women, to apply. Since there are four Continuing Education Scholarships this year, applicants have a fairly good chance of receiving a scholarship. In spite of being unable to meet in person or do our usual fundraising activities, WCSC members have been very creative finding new ways to raise money this year. The group will also be giving $1,000 scholarships to four Saranac Lake High School graduating seniors. Today's breaking news and more in your inbox I'm interested in (please check all that apply)


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Wolf statue and the Park Alumni Center. They don’t want people to feel sorry for them. What they really need is empathy. They want to know that people understand and can identify with their situation,” she said. “Empathy is hard because it requires vulnerability and courage, which can be scary. However, finding the courage to let myself be seen through sharing experiences helps me cultivate authentic connections with my students.” Gayles recognizes that graduate students of color often face unique challenges and barriers, many of which she has experienced herself as both read the full info here a Black woman and a first-generation college student. By sharing her own experiences, she empowers her students to successfully navigate the academic world and to place themselves in leadership positions that can challenge and change the status quo, she said. “By doing so, my hope is that the barriers I face and the barriers they face won’t have to be experienced by the next generation of scholar leaders,” Gayles said. Dr. Lawrence M. Clark Faculty Development Award Marc Grimmett, Ph.D. , professor of counselor education in the College of Education, has always felt that the historical and daily contributions of Black continue reading this faculty help to sustain the university and build communities where the Black diaspora can be regularly seen, heard and felt. For that reason, he is proud to offer his time and efforts to support and participate in activities that are led by Black faculty, staff and students and to help cultivate a graduate student community that is reflective of the cultural diversity that exists in North Carolina and beyond. “It is important for me to engage in this work to continue to educate all stakeholders that the contributions of Black faculty, staff and students enhance the university in meaningful ways,” he said. “While prioritizing the recruitment and retention of Black professionals and students does create opportunities for us, our families and our communities, the value created within and for the university is exponentially greater than the initial investment.” Grimmett’s work was recently recognized when he was selected as the recipient of the Dr. Lawrence M. Clark Faculty Development Award, which is given to an NC State faculty member who works to increase diversity in the faculty ranks and to support the professional success of Black faculty. Recipients of the annual award demonstrate advocacy, mentorship of other faculty and engagement in activities that create access to professional opportunities for underrepresented groups.